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Hello Techy, the bug has been fixed. we do not have worldgaurd by the way.

8 months ago

In order to apply for staff on Nexolity you must reply to this forums post with the following answers, then within several hours or an entire day your application will get reviewed. In the circumstances that you get accepted you'll have to gain the trust of the owners and other staff members. Then we will find out about giving you a higher rank. 
staff members will not be paid.

Beware that the questions and or requirements could change at any time as the server is in alpha and things will change frequently. 
Before posting your reply make sure all of the questions are fully answered.

Requirements for staff on Nexolity. Most of them atleast

- Must answer all of the questions truthfully and completely.

- Must be able to answer the questions in fluent english

- Must be able to build well, moderate well, administate well, develop well, or help others well.

- Must be on nexolity for atleast an hour.

The Staff application:

* What is your Minecraft IGN? (In Game Username)

* What is your discord username and tag? (Install discord if you haven't already)

* How many hours you can contribute to working on the server?

* What is your timezone? 

* What time in the day are you most active? [morning, evening, night or midnight]

* When did you first join our server?

* How many hours have you been playing on our server?

* Have you been staff on any previous servers? 

* Why do you want staff on nexolity?

* What is your age?

* Do you have a microphone? 

* Are you willing to communicate?

* Are you able to record?

* What are your minecraft talents? 

* Is there anything that you think could improve with our server?

* How would you treat players and staff with a lower rank than you?

* How would you treat players with a higher rank than you?

* What would you do if you thought someone was banned unfairly? 

* What would you do if you thought a staff member's rank was taken away unfairly?

* Is there any other information about yourself that you think would be good to know? If so explain it.


That concludes the new staff application, if you have any questions feel free to ask them to me in a direct message via discord - Sammich42#9746

Best of regards,
Sammich42 - The owner of Nexolity

9 months ago

Nexolity is approching alpha and all of the forum posts will be removed in order to clean out the forums & prepare for the new release.

A new staff application format will be made - Post your suggestions if you have any. 



That concludes this forums post, I know it was very short and not in depth but there isn't very much to describe about the forum post cleanup.

9 months ago

If you need to report bugs to the nexolity staff team this is the place to be! Simply report to this post with the following format:

* Minecraft version and mods / client

* Current gamemode (PVP, Survival, E.C.T)

* Evidence of the bug (Screenshots / videos)

* The bug / glitch

* Steps to reproduce the glitch / bug


We hope we can help you with your bug / error
Best of regards, Sammich42 - The owner 😀

9 months ago

Nexolity has a reddit page?

Basicly the nexolity server has gotten a reddit page!

this is amazing right?
Wrong! the nexolity Reddit barely has anybody in it 🙁

Maybe you could help us by joining the reddit! 😀

Please join, that would help our, ego alot 🤪

about 1 year ago