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The Staff application:

* What is your Minecraft IGN? (In Game Username) Torqueboostjr

* What is your discord username and tag? (Install discord if you haven't already) Torqueboostjr#1833

* How many hours you can contribute to working on the server? 1-3 per day

* What is your timezone? EST

* What time in the day are you most active? [morning, evening, night or midnight] Morning (weekends) evening (weekdays)

* When did you first join our server? 11/18/2020 for being on the discord (today is the one year mark lol)

* How many hours have you been playing on our server? 0.5-1 per day

* Have you been staff on any previous servers?  No, but there is always a first.

* Why do you want staff on nexolity? Help nexolity come back, also I have been having a few ideas that seem to be accepted by staff

* What is your age? 13 (bday apr 1)

* Do you have a microphone? Yes.

* Are you willing to communicate? Yes.

* Are you able to record? Yes.

* What are your minecraft talents? Redstone, commands, semi-good at building, survival .

* Is there anything that you think could improve with our server? Maybe nerf the new pvp perks.

* How would you treat players and staff with a lower rank than you? Respect them.

* How would you treat players with a higher rank than you? Same as above. Respect them.

* What would you do if you thought someone was banned unfairly?  Communicate to the staff member who banned, give them evidence, if they still insist it was a fair ban and do not prove sufficient evidence in my opinion, talk to a higher-up.

* What would you do if you thought a staff member's rank was taken away unfairly? Similar process as above.

* Is there any other information about yourself that you think would be good to know? If so explain it. I can figure things out, so I'm a good tool for making sure players cannot escape a map or exploit weird mechanics.


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